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Arts & Crafts

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Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Pastel Painting, Acrylic Painting, Madhubani Paintings.

Flower making

Flowers are used for several decorative purposes. They are the best part about spring and summer. They add beauty to any bland event.Step by Step procedure will be demonstrated, Cut ,Un-twirl ,Adding pin,Wrap,Fold etc.

Jewellery making

Bead Board, Bead Cap, Bugle Beads, Clasp, Craft Wire, Crimp or Crimp Bead, Crimping Pliers.

Ceramic and Glass crafts

Cameo glass, Earthenware, Glassware, Mosaic, Porcelain, Bone china, Pottery.

Fiber and Textile crafts

Quilting & Quilt art, Lace-Making, EMBROIDERY, Rope-Making, Canvas Work, Macramé (Knotting),Para cord, Spinning.

Houseware craft

Articles of household equipment, Kitchen Utensils, Give your own style of looks.

Some of our work

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