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What is Xperttuition all about?

We are the group of highly exprienced teaching professional who did a rigorous process of research into learning processes and systems, we have developed teaching plan which identifies gaps in the conceptual understanding of students from Class 9-12 and then sets forth a time bound action plan for bridging those gaps for the student.

How this system work?

Our process starts with a 1-day Free Demo Class. In the 1-day Free Demo Class, we take your child through some basic units and assessment based on that unit to help us understand where the gaps are in your child. This helps us in building action plan for the development of the child.

How long is each class?

Generally if a student registers in beginning of session, we have clases 90 mins each for 2 days in a week per subject. But again it depends on your need. Let us say you want us to finish the syllabus in accelarated mode or let us say few of the student needs extra guidance on competitive exam syllabus in addition to board exam preparation. In these cases number of days or time duration can be extended.

Homework, project, assignment - how you take care.

In online mode, we send all the homework, project, assignment to email after finishing of module. Student can finish all these assignment, homework back to us for evaluation. After evaluation we do gap analysis and adjust our teaching plan to bridge the gap. Obviously in this whole process parent invovement is also required, because child has to be with parent most of the time.

Do I need to pay for demo class?

No. You need not pay us anything for the Demo Classes. We offer this service free of cost to you, so that you can firsthand experience our way of interaction and familiarise yourself. Based on this you can make your decision.

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